Everyone wins with a Banana Locomotive APU

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You said to reduce the size and weight… You said to make it 72 VDC…We’ve done that and kept the same price as the original locomotive APU first introduced over 15 years ago!

The Banana features a CAT/Perkins diesel engine that is governed at 2,500 RPM. The engine drives a 150 A, 72 VDC (11kW) generator that heats the locomotive coolant and lube oil, charges the batteries and can be used to power cab heaters, lights, and air conditioners, ensuring your crew’s comfort.

The Banana takes green technology and ripens it to perfection, incorporating innovative new design and automation. The Banana includes an advanced control system complete with adjustable on/off locomotive water temperature and battery set points and diagnostics with freeze frame data and real-time data monitoring.

Everyone wins with a Banana! You’ll reduce most excess idling, save money on fuel and engine wear, meet EPA emissions regulations and local noise ordinances, and keep your crew comfortable – it’s a win-win for everyone.

From the team that brought you the world’s first commercially available locomotive APU – and supplied tens of thousands of APU’s to the transportation industry – INPS Environmental Products presents: The Banana LOCOMOTIVE AUXILIARY POWER UNIT

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